YMEMJ YouTube Review Bonus

YMEMJ YouTube Review Bonus

All members qualify for our YMEMJ Youtube Review Bonus. Simply create a video review in an HD Quality format from your home, upload it to YouTube, send us the link and receive your reward.
We only count the amount of views attained up until submission.

Earn up to $40+ easily with this offer!

"The video can be about anything involving YMEMJ Rewards, your experience with the program, your favourite offers, or most of all, how this is helping you through school.You can recommend the program to other students, make it funny. Show off your earnings! Just make it about YMEMJ Rewards, we will look it over, add you to our playlist on YouTube and you'll be receiving your pay!"

There are two tiers to this reward!

    Tier 1 (Ages 8+)

  • If users show their YMEMJ Student Membership Card they will receive a tier 1 bonus of up to $18.
  • Tier 2 (Ages 13+)

  • If users have received their package from the Unique Rewards bonus program and wear their shirt in the review they will receive a tier 2 bonus of up to $25.

YMEMJ Rewards is looking for unique views. We are aware of the purchasing of views and things of that nature and we have the staff to point out those cheating in order to benefit. If this is done your membership will be revoked immediately.

Skill Development

YMEMJ's YouTube Review program helps students improve their presentation skills. This will also aid students who suffer from nervousness before or during an appearance in front of an audience or a camera. Students will be able to tell how much they've improved as they gather more views for each new submission.