Twitter Reward

Fridays Twitter Trivia Contest

All members qualify for our live interactive Trivia contest held weekly and sometime bi-weekly on Friday. Two to four questions are given. Rewards per question range from $5 to $100 depending on the difficulty. It's competitive, fun, educational and it pays!

Simply create a Twitter account and follow @YMEMJ.

When answering the question on Twitter, users must leave their full name and member ID. This ensures that your answer will be looked at and analyzed by our staff.

The first perfect answer will be chosen as the winner. This means we are looking for perfect grammar. Make great use of the 140-character max Twitter allows. Full sentence answers only.

YMEMJ will post the trivia question here at YMEMJ Rewards on your user dashboard so you must be signed it to see the answers. Users must then leave their answers on twitter @YMEMJ

Skill Development

Friday's Twitter Trivia contest will help students develop good research skills while improving grammar and sentence structure.