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December 4th, 2015: Get Rid of Your Inner Critic

The relationship you have with yourself is, and always will be, the most important relationship in your life.
Knowing your strengths, passions, dreams and even your challenges and fears will empower you to become the best possible version of yourself.
When was the last time you looked inward to figure out the next best step in a challenge without calling your mother, friend or sister?
Being your own BFF means trusting your own intuition to effortlessly guide yourself through the many ups and downs of life.
Get acquainted with your inner supporter.It is up to you to access your own vision in this process.
Give yourself the time and space deserved to make it fun and fabulous.
Here are some tips on how to cultivate the most important relationship you have with yourself:

1. Get to know yourself.

Pick up a pen and paper or a journal, and jot down answers to the following questions to help you realign with yourself.
What makes me laugh? 
What motivates and moves me?
What advice would I give my younger self?
What is my greatest challenge today? Come up with some of your own questions, too. The purpose of this exercise is to be honest with yourself.
Be creative. No question or answer is too outrageous.
2. Think positive thoughts.
You have the power to choose your own thoughts.
You control your mind and the ideas it produces. Whenever you find yourself thinking thoughts that make you feel sad, angry or annoyed, decide right then and there to choose a different thought.
Thoughts that make you feel more confident and complete will immediately put you in a better frame of mind and strengthen your relationship with yourself.
This process of becoming aware of your thoughts does not happen overnight.
It is a practice that requires consistency and fine-tuning.
Be patient with yourself. 

user-iconNicole Barreira said,

This is great advice! Especially during exam time, thinking positive and being your own best friend. Thank you

Posted on Dec 04,2015 Thu

user-iconRhea Groenenberg said,

Perfect timing, specially because I have my finals coming up.

Posted on Dec 04,2015 Thu

user-iconYMEMJ Rewards said,

Thanks guys

Posted on Dec 14,2015 Thu

user-iconAlyssa Cardoso said,

This makes any stressful time easier thanks

Posted on Jul 06,2016 Thu

user-iconAntonio Rhodes said,

I never thought about it like that, this is amazing advice for just general situations in life.

Posted on Jul 19,2016 Thu

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