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October 19th 2015: Difference Between Rules & Creativity

Rules set a path; creativity charts new territory.
Rules set a clear definitive path: Go to school. Go to college. Get married and have children. Those are the “rules” we’re expected to blindly follow without thought or question. It’s safe, it’s secure, and it’s on the map.
Creativity creates a new path. Being creative is to question the confines of the comfort zone and chart new, fresh territory.
Creativity is the wild card who goes into the woods for a few years, comes back, moves to the city, becomes CEO and takes over the world. A creative person’s power and inability to follow the expected course of life frightens all who lack imagination.

Rules tell you what to do; creativity asks questions
Rules perfectly display exactly what one should do. Uncreative people indulge in the rules because they may not attain the ability to think outside the box, so they feel safe with perfectly concrete directions. Creativity is the exact opposite.
Creativity looks at the rules and dares to ask why they are in place to begin with. Creativity takes what is set in place and looks it at from a different perspective.Creativity doesn’t always have an answer, but it always makes you think.
Oppressive people fear the questioning nature of creativity. Teachers are all afraid of the creative kids who dare to ask questions about rules. Because it forces them to answer. And sometimes there is no answer.

Rules ask you to conform; creativity lets you be who you are
Rules encourage us to be like everyone else. Rules are the stiff school uniform that students have to wear so they look the same. But sometimes, the boy would rather wear the schoolgirl skirt and the girl would feel more comfortable in the schoolboy’s pleated pants and bow tie. Creativity is the very thing that questions the school uniform and tells you to go as yourself instead.
At YMEMJ Rewards, we want you to question everything!

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Creativity is intelligence having fun.-Albert Einstein

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It sets you up for the future.

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