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June 24, 2015: 3 Ways Meditation Improves Your Overall Life

1. It Keeps You Healthy'
Thanks to modern technology, we’re able to stay in constant contact with nearly everyone.
Unfortunately, “everyone” includes your boss, your coworkers and plenty of other people from whom you could probably use some time away. Because of this constant connectivity, many of us are under a lot of extra stress.
Any physician will tell you that such stress is awful for the immune system. When you work too hard, you get stressed and then you get sick.
When you get sick, your work performance suffers, which creates more stress and makes you even sicker. It’s not a good cycle in which to get caught. Meditation offers a way out.
According to a UCLA study, HIV patients who participated in regular meditation sessions experienced a slower drop in their immune cells than those who did not.
By simply paying attention to the present moment for an extended period of time, patients were able to vastly improve their health.
That’s a pretty solid benefit from an essentially free prescription.

2. That Includes Your Mental Health
…Depression is a legitimate illness. Yes, we all sometimes feel sad, but clinical depression involves much more than being mopey and listening to the bands you loved in seventh grade.
It involves a total dysfunction in the parts of your brain that allow you to enjoy life. The causes of depression vary, but whatever it is, anyone going through it knows that it’s hell.
Studies show that, in conjunction with other treatments, meditation can guard against relapse for individuals who suffer from depression. Any side effects — at least negative ones — are non-existent.

3. It Can Make You a Better Person
In the “me” centric age of Facebook, Twitter and a culture that takes “selfies” seriously, it’s important to constantly remind ourselves that we are all sharing this world.
It is easy to preach about caring for others and being a good person; it’s tremendously more difficult to practice such a lifestyle. Meditation makes that task a bit easier.
Researchers found that Monks who engage in prolonged meditation throughout life are more likely than the general population to have activity in the part of the brain associated with compassion. By simply meditating, they were able to more fully develop qualities of a good person.

user-iconsamira said,

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Posted on Jun 26,2015 Thu

user-iconGwen Mccollough said,

Great! I will start meditating more!

Posted on Jul 04,2015 Thu

user-iconMylee Grounds said,

Wow! Ive heard of meditation, but never done it. This is good stuff:)

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