Welcome To YMEMJ Rewards Lesson

December 4th, 2015: Get Rid of Your Inner Critic

You control your mind and the ideas they produce. Whenever you find yourself thinking thoughts that make you sad, angry or annoyed, decide right then to choose new thoughts

The Most Important 2 Words

Be very careful what you attach to your "I am"...

October 30th 2015: Physical Dieting vs Mental Dieting

It is the food in which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.

October 19th 2015: Difference Between Rules & Creativity

Rules are safe, secure and already on the map. Creativity is to question the confines of the comfort zone and chart new, fresh territory.

September 3, 2015: Just be you this school year

Its like people choose to believe confidence is the same as arrogance, when, in reality there is a huge difference between the two!...

YMEMJ Classroom Opportunity!

A contest to help build YMEMJ but to also help you learn to connect with others! And not to mention a huge CASH PRIZE!

August 11, 2015: Drinking and who you are

If you constantly need a drink to socialize, you personality will never have a chance to develop.

YMEMJ Public Service Announcement

Trying to get todays society to start looking within themselves to solve their outer problems is hard work. Everyone seems to blame the outer world for their issues. Running YMEMJ alone is a little frustrating at times, however the fact that I may change a life or two on the way pushes me just enough to keep going.

July 8, 2015: Junk Food is Making You Dumber!

Researchers at Oregon State University say a diet high in fat and sugar leads to lower "cognitive flexibility" or the ability to adapt to changing situations.

June 24, 2015: 3 Ways Meditation Improves Your Overall Life

In the "me" centric age of Facebook, Twitter and a culture that takes "selfies" seriously, it is important to constantly remind yourself that we are all sharing this world.