Student Lottery

The Dedicated Student Lottery

The Dedicated Student Lottery by YMEMJ Rewards is a 50/50 lottery tailored for students from all over the world. Students can purchase as many tickets as they please for $1 each and a chance to win big. It’s the cheapest lottery ticket you can find!

Students must reach 70% or over on a test or exam to be eligible. It does not matter when the test or exam has been completed.

The winner will receive a YMEMJ Rewards T-Shirt, a poster and 50% of the entry funds. The other 50% will be donated to a  specific charity. For example, if 1000 students enter the contest in March, that particular lottery will be a $500 prize for the winner. 

    Students must provide:

  • Name
  • School
  • Address 
  • Image of their Test (Circle your mark in red marker)

Winnings will be mailed to the user in the form of a check along with other prize materials.

No more lousy stickers, smiley faces or “good jobs”. YMEMJ Rewards will give you the ultimate reward, and thats cash!

Enter For $1.00