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What is Unique Rewards

Why ymemj?

About YMEMJ Rewards

YMEMJ Rewards is a FREE online learning experience built to enlighten students of our generation. Our job is to teach students using lessons, tests and various activities through social networks. Members who succeed in these activities will be rewarded financially.

YMEMJ Rewards educates students on new and exciting things you won't find in school. Students will earn while they learn about philosophers that helped change the world, current situations in other countries and more as we continue to grow. By teaching students about life and whats going on in the world we are creating an individual who is more aware and ready to make positive changes to where they live.

Members now have the opportunity to connect using our new no-nonsense social networking application, the Open Journal: Build a good reputation with YMEMJ by sharing good positive content with the other members and earn cash rewards in return.

Users can win big each month through our Dedicated Student Lottery. Be prepared for Daily Quizzes. Members can acquire a bonus with the Unique Rewards $20 Bonus Program. Test what you have learned at the end of each week with Fridays Twitter Trivia Contest, answer correctly to win big.  And lastly, if you love the program, upload your thoughts and get paid based on your views with YMEMJs YouTube Review Bonus Program.

The Dedicated Student Lottery

Have you achieved a mark of 70% or over on a test or exam this month?

Enter for a chance to win big in this months dedicated student lottery.

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Ages 13+

Unique Rewards $20 Bonus Program

Cash out with our partners at Unique Rewards & receive $20 and a T-shirt.

Ages 8+


“All members qualify for our live interactive Twitter Trivia contest held every Friday. Earn up to $40 cash!”

Ages 8+


"Upload your review on Youtube and earn up to $40+ easily!"