About Us


YMEMJ Rewards is a student financial aid program accepting ages 8 & up. YMEMJ Rewards is currently linked with Unique Rewards, one of the top survey panels on the net. Accepting ages 13 and up, Unique Rewards gives students the opportunity to voice their opinions on a variety of topics and participate in various activities online which result in cash rewards. Unique Rewards has teamed up with YMEMJ Rewards to help bring a wider variety of safe and secure income streams for students all over the world.

Our job is to continue displaying the internet as a new and safe financial outlet for students. We will continue to reach out to the future generation of students and its strong social networking demographic to bring to them a new source for income and education. All students with a YMEMJ Membership are able to participate in our offers where they will have the opportunity to improve on grammar skills, presentation skills and more, but best of all they will have the opportunity to earn cash for their efforts. Our motto is, “If your in class, we pay cash!”.

All students have the opportunity to learn through our Weekly Lessons and earn through our Dedicated Student Lottery. However, by joining YMEMJ Rewards for free students become eligible for our Daily Quiz, the Unique Rewards $20 Bonus, our weekly Twitter Cash Giveaways and our YMEMJ Video Review Bonus.